Copyright 2013. Mark Caparosa. All Rights Reserved. 

Artist Statement

My work draws its influence from the perpetually changing surface of New York City. While I travel the streets
​I see urban decay, and anarchy. But beneath the disarray and degeneration is a particularly organized complexity, that is the enigmatic quality of urban life that I covet.

As some artists use found photographs and objects to create their work, I search for gestural marks that have been ingrained in the city’s exteriors, both on purpose and through deterioration. I capture impressions that I find viscerally stimulating and I digitally manipulate them, giving them a sense of order by molding the color and spatial relationships. I am continually finding inspiration in the works of the post war-Action Painters.

The end result is Tag & Release; works with a swift moving dynamic surface. From images culled from vandalism, simple mischief and disintegration, I’ve developed a personal dialog with the city. That repurposes its crumbling facade uncovering its underlaying order, allure and beauty.


Tag and Release